What can WebJoJo do for you?

Website Design & Development

WebJoJo offers stylish bespoke solutions for a tailor-made website without restrictions

Each and every one of WebJoJo’s websites are tailor-made to suit each individual client’s needs. I believe ‘website-packs’ where you’re limited to 4 pages maximum or you do not get a blog unless you pay for the ‘Premium Business Plus 3000 Website-Pack’ really suck. Let’s not be restrictive; lets be free and happy.

Whether you need a small 3-page website to gain an online presence or you require a large 23-page website with a blog and an online store, WebJoJo can bring your ideas to life at an appropriate and affordable price.

  • Built with WordPress; the most popular Content Management System (CMS).
  • Designed uniquely where no two websites are created with the same template.
  • A focus on your brand, logo and company colours.
  • No restrictions based on what’s included in a ‘website-pack’.
  • Social media integration to promote your business profile.
  • Take control and easily update your blog or make website changes by yourself.
  • Run your own online store with an E-commerce website.
  • Option for a holding page consisting of your logo and contact details for your domain whilst your website is in development.
  • Ongoing support can be arranged if you’d rather leave changes and updates in my hands.

Mobile-Friendly Development

All Websites that WebJoJo create are optimised for all screen sizes

All websites produced by WebJoJo are mobile-responsive. This means each webpage will adapt to fit the screen that it is viewed on for an optimal experience. A focus on easy navigation and usability leads to happy website users.

  • Mobile friendly sites perfectly suited to mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screens.
  • Take advantage of social media integration and grow your online following.
  • Mobile E-commerce sites are great for the growing trend of shopping online from a mobile device.
  • Convert your current website to a more mobile-friendly version and improve your mobile user’s experience.

Domain Registration & Hosting Services

Own your domain and get online with dedicated and secure web hosting

Once your website has been created, you will need to register its domain name and have it hosted somewhere. WebJoJo’s partner, Melbek, are a registered Nominet registrar and can personally register and renew domain names. With dedicated servers in Norwich and London data centres, hosting is fast, secure and reliable and any issues can be resolved quickly.

  • Register your domain with WebJoJo’s Nominet partner knowing that you are the domain owner.
  • Don’t stress, leave the domain and hosting setup to me.
  • Some of the most safe and secure hosting in the UK with 99.99% guaranteed uptime from dedicated servers at data centres in Norwich and London.
  • Business Email set-up – look professional and stop using your gmail account for business.
  • Regular Backups ensure that your website and emails are safe.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation

Every website produced by WebJoJo is made with search engine optimisation in mind

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a marketing process of building your website’s visibility within search engine results. Most internet users will not search websites beyond the first page of results and so it is important to be placed here in relevant searches so that you don’t get lost amongst your competition. Whether or not you’re on the first page of search results for Google, Yahoo and Bing could make all the difference for your business.

Although the search engines themselves have the power to decide where websites appear in search results, WebJoJo can provide a Basic SEO solution to ensure that your website earns a strong position among listings.

  • Check all titles and subtitles of website are appropriate and analyse effectiveness of page content and links.
  • Compare keywords with your online competitors and see what’s trending in search results.
  • Website structure check of features such as meta tags, menus, the sitemap and social media links.

Website Analytic Reporting

Gain insight into your website’s user interaction and performance

Google Analytics gives us an understanding on how users are interacting with your website. It does much more than count page views – it provides statistics for new and returning users, time spent on the website, your most popular pages, and most importantly bounce rates. It can even inform you of what people are searching to find your website. Regular analytic reporting is the most important part of your online marketing campaign.

  • Monthly website reports can give you an insight into how your website is performing.
  • View a variety of statistics such as Google search page rankings, unique visitors, most popular pages and bounce rates.
  • Customise what you’d like to see and filter out what you wouldn’t.
  • Google analytics setup with your own Google account or WebJoJo’s if you’d prefer.

Logo Design

Start building your brand right here

Do you require a new logo along with your new website? If so, WebJoJo can provide logo and brand design all in one place. I, myself am no logo designer but with my trusted out of house contact, we can create the striking logo that you need.

  • Build your brand and website all in one place. WebJoJo can work with you from the initial designs of your logo to the finished branded website.
  • Cheap and affordable designs from our trusted out of house designer.
  • Upgrade your social media with branded profile and cover images.

Other Services

Looking for something else that you believe WebJoJo can help you with?

Whether you require help making a small change to your current website’s layout or you need a guide on using your WordPress site, get in touch and let me know what you need.

  • Fix a problem on your current website or make some changes to your code.
  • Help with using WordPress. If you need a hand adding a theme or posting your first blog post, WebJoJo can assist you.
  • Other technical help whether it’s related to websites or not, I may be able to help.